Landing Page Quality - Foulplay

Recently Google Adwords team announced about bringing transparency and quality results in sponsored results, but it seems Google still just care about quantity rather than quality, still MFAs (made-for-adsense) websites are prevailing in sponsored results and thats too in among top results.

Search term - GMAT exam date

The Ad - Sponsored Result -

And the Landing Page of above Ad is Full of Adsense ads, no "Valuable Information" as per this Ad's Description -

If i am not wrong as per my Adwords knowledge is concerned, according to Adwords System an Ad can only be in running stage when its approved by Adwords of its Landing Page Quality.

I am wandering why and what Adwords and its human editors see in this page for its approval thats too when it has concerns of educational information. A lot of students search for these type of educational information and materials online and its frustrating when they are taken to MFA sites and websites which have nothing but Adsense ads, ads of Books from Amazon, paid text links and no valuable information, not even a single word of information of any kind. Does money made out of this be any fruitfull??!!

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Adwords Algo Changing and CPC Site Bidding on Beta

Google Came up this week with one more Update/ changes and this time its google's product generates most of the revenue for Google Adwords. These are;

  • New Optional Quality Score column that shows the minimum bid for all of the keywords within an ad group, along with quality label - Great, OK, or Poor
  • A change to the Quality Score Algorithm.

Google Adwords Site targeted bidding: BetaSecondly earlier this week - Google Inside Adwords released that its testing cost-per-click (CPC) site-targeted campaigns, as till now advertisers bidding on site targeting campaigns on a CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) basis. Presently google inviting only US advertisers (invitation link) to participate for same (limited number of advertisers from all that apply). Avertisers can switch their existing campaigns between CPC and CPM at any time.

These changes as per Google is to bring about quality results for users and transparency in advertisers' bidding process and management.

Google Adwords is changing way it set minimum bids for keywords - For example, if the system does not have any data on a keyword, a lower initial minimum bid will be assigned until the Adwords system have enough data to make a more accurate assessment of the Quality Score for that keyword in Adwords account.

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OPML Exchange

OPML IconRecently, a lot has been Talk about OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) much because of Dave Winer's Share you OPML and OPML Icon Project.

OPML can be seen as list of all your RSS feeds or better somewhat like a zip file for RSS feeds. Seeing the maturity of OPML in Internet/ web marketing this OPML Icon project has been starting along with Share your OPML site to standarize the way to share/ publish list of RSS feeds, similar to RSS icon that identify contents to syndicate.

The site is provinding useful hacks for OPML - to download OPML icon, Firefox Add-on.

On contrary questions has been put for adaption of this technology like motivation factor for user to exchange their list of feed as OPML and why, OPML being more technical specially at time when common user still getting familiar to RSS concept, OPML would be more technical to adapt for common internet users.

In my point of view, OPML technology would be more beneficial for SEOs/ webmasters to adapt and implement rather than to put them over common internet audience/ users. A few points to ponder -

  1. At time when Google is giving more weightage to content driven sites (as apparent in recent google updates), it would boost the content of a site to let the content travel in an OPML way.

  2. In SEO practice like wise to "Link Exchange", OPML exchange could also be done. Also through RSS to HTML converter, an OPML file can be placed as an html view, thus making a Content driven exchange unlike to text link/ banner exchange that has been done so far by SEOs/ webmasters making informative to users as well as website owner in getting content.

  3. For a News specific sites (or other sites as well), it is more easy to show off the contents available for syndication as one OPML file. As untill now for a site having different RSS feed for its different sections/ topics webmasters used to make separate xml files for different sections and show them on separate webpage (/rss.htm, rss.html)

Still there are sites spreading the OPML buzz including Bloglines, another one providing search for OPML, FeedMeme's AJAX based OPML reader, hubdog, an OPML reader for Windows Mobile.

Dave Winer is Responsible for starting OPML for Radio Userland and also to convince The New York Times to adapt RSS for its website.He now maintains and develops

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Linkbait and Social Media Optimization over Link Building

Link bait and Social Media Optimization are two new Strategies developed in past couple of years and even practicing by most SEOs/ SMEs and webmasters. A lot of sites are emerging with web 2.0 traits along with AJAX and no wander Google/ Yahoo are acquiring these sites competitively. Youtube, Writely, Zohosheets, mybloglog are few Web 2.0 rich websites acquired by either Goolge or Yahoo.

In contrary to old link building strategies which involves link exchange, link swapping which further in time line became 2 way or 3 way link exchange. coined term - Link Bait about a couple of years back. Rohit Bhargav gave term SMO (Social Media Optimization) in 2006 and gave his initial 5 rules of SMO in which he describes Link bait more clearly along with relation to mashup sites and how to get involve with that.

Recently new post 2007 guide to Linkbaiting apparently seems to me like giving credit to himself of introducing linkbaiting to SEO community, the post talked about Widget marketing , a concept fastly getting popular among new social community sites. MyBlogLog's Sidebar widgets showing recent readers, zoomclouds' widgets of tags are an example of how Linkbaiting/ building could be done through widgtets.

Link baiting to me involves every thing that forces users/ visitors to link back to your site with or without knowing the fact that he/ she is building link for you. Tag buttons (rectangular gif image with links) by,, newsgator, Technorati are example of good link baiting (..building link for themselves) thru blogs/ social community themed sites. Most recent is Snap's preview anywhere service which gives easy few lines or javascript code fetching image preview of hyperlinked sites is most innovating and fast propgating as well.

Tagging sites are easiest way of getting link on one's own choice of anchortext. 1000tags, are few among others seems to replace directory submission in SEO with Tagging.

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Top Social Networks Sites - 2006

Mashable presented top social networks on web, Sponsered by Photobucket. Actually its - Social Networking Awards 2006!

Mashable and co-partners Split the sites in their categories with two winners in each category, along with the sites that are “Hot for 2007″ as well described as - combination of votes and thier picks.

As described, the criteria to be in list are -

A whole lot of use of AJAX might also be in list of criteria or better say mandatory !!?. I wander their isn't Orkut in the list, might it
not satisfied the criteria..??. Back on the list, here are the categories with respective top sites.

Categories -
  1. Mainstream and Large Scale Networks -

    1.Myspace & 2.Multiply | Hot for 2007: Bebo, Vox, Facebook, Facebox

  2. Widgets and Add-Ons - &, 2.Zwinky | Hot for 2007: RockYou, Stickam, Snocap, Zingfu, MyBlogLog

  3. Social News and Social Bookmarking -

    1.Digg &, 2.Trailfire | Hot for 2007:, StumbleUpon, Blinklist

  4. Sports and Fitness -

    1.FanNation & 2.Takkle | Hot for 2007: SportsVite, Ultrafan

  5. Photo Sharing -

    1.Flickr & 2.Twango |Hot for 2007: Zooomr, Webshots, ImageShack, Tabblo, Pickle, BubbleShare

  6. Video Sharing -

    1.Youtube & 2.Gotuit | Hot for 2007 - Metacafe, Motionbox, Revver, vSocial, StupidVideos,, iFilm, Eyespot

  7. Startpages -

    1.Netvibes & 2.Pageflakes | Hot for 2007: YourMinis, Protopage, Webwag

  8. Places and Events -

    1.Yelp & 2.CollegeTonight

  9. Music - & 2.ReverbNation, MOG

  10. Social Shopping -

    1.Etsy & 2.ThisNext

  11. Mobile -

    1.Twitter & 2.Wadja

  12. Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks -

    1.Flixster & 2.Dogster, LibraryThing

Source Via-

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Top 20 Sites - By Compete

Picture chart Credits - Compete Blog Released a List of Top Sites/ Domains in terms of visitors. It ranked the domains in terms of Unique Visitors (i.e Visitors who visits the site first time) and no wander its the search engines (Yahoo, Google, AOL - being top three) who top the list followed by ebay, (again search engine) and

Source Via -Compete Top Ten

I Wander if i could get a list of top domains/ sites without a search engine in it. A list of top sites that are completely portal sites.

Findings -

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Web 2.0 Posters

A Berlin based group eboy are putting Web 2.0 posters on sale, eboy creates re-usable pixel objects and takes them to build complex and extensible artwork.

This Berlin based group is selling these
web 2.0 posters for 16 Euros plus shipping. Below are some Posters u can find or buy -

 web 2.0 posters
A very cool pixels objects are being made by this group of four people. They do have clients in thier list from Microsoft, Amazon, The New York Times Magazine, Adidas and more. An another cologne poster created by eboy (MSH GR) -

web 2.0 Cologne Poster

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